Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me! Kickstarter funded

Posted on June 1, 2016

I know, Archer will tell me that a Kickstarter reaching it’s goal is not news. but c’mon.

It’s just a swipe to the left…

It seems Riff Raff and Magenta will do the Time Warp again! You know, in case you missed the 20th rendition by your local community theatre. But unlike community theatre, these players can take direction.

The Kickstarter reached it’s modest goal of $35,000 USD over the weekend, for the free-to-play rhythm  game for Android and iOS, Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me!

Magenta rocky

Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me! already in development by independent game studio Rocket Lolly Games, working with Andy Leighton, the original music and games publisher on The Rocky Horror Show. The team have gathered an impressive range of collectible merchandise from both the game itself and the original theatre show including t-shirts, posters, character figurines, an extremely rare signed Mick Rock photo of the original stage show, and limited edition vinyl recording of Richard O’Brien’s original demo-tape used to pitch the show back in 1973. These items have been introduced as part of the numerous (and brilliantly named) backer tiers introduced during the five week campaign.

But what really caught my eye with this one is the obvious love of the original material. For our younger gamers out there who may only know Rocky Horror as a hokey reference, it’s a chance to to experience and be introduced to the classic LGBTI cult hit. The original stage play, The Rocky Horror Show (the movie being The Rocky Horror Picture show) has been performed every year since it was originally written in 1973.

The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me has been designed as a free-to-play game because the team felt it was important the game to be accessible as possible, and they wish to able to constantly release new content and features. Players will be charged for premium outfits and to unlock their favorite characters early. ”

Public release of the title is expected 2017 – but that’s ok. It’s too nice a job to rush. We’ll just have to wait. In antici-