Steep revealed

Posted on June 14, 2016

Ubisoft played it pretty safe with their press conference today, but they did end on a high note, revealing a new IP for the French publisher called Steep.

Steep “links open world and sports” in a way that hasn’t been seen before.  “We could offer something fresh, something new, where navigating the world was at the core of the experience,” said creative director Igor Manceau . “We felt it could bring something really fresh to the gaming environment, something fresh that actually responds to a huge trend you see on YouTube: action sports.”

The game is set in the Alps and is seamlessly online, meaning that everyone will be sharing the same mountain as you but won’t be literally getting in your way, until you take on a challenge or a specific mission that involves multiple parties. It actually all looks sort of brilliant, combining base jumping, skiing, wing-suits and more. Check out the extended gameplay session below and get excited, because Ubisoft also announced that Steep is scheduled to ship this December.