System Shock Remake Kickstarter and playable demo

Posted on June 29, 2016

Yesterday we reported that the modern remake of the 1994 classic System Shock had received 8 minutes of gameplay footage and would be starting a Kickstarter today to fund the project.  Well, today has come around and with it comes the Kickstarter campaign we had been promised with the additional bonus of a playable demo free for PC gamers who want to give it a go!

The Kickstarter has a base goal of achieving $900,000 and if this goal is reached the game is said to feature:

  • Re-imagined weaponry, enemies and locations
  • Re-recorded voice overs
  • A new musical score
  • Modern and updated user interface, game mechanics, enemies and puzzles
  • Modern inventory management
  • Updated control scheme
  • Brand new puzzles
  • Updated levels faithful to the original
  • Varying difficulty modes

The attempt at fully realising this modern remake doesn’t stop there though with additional goals being set by the developers if the funding exceeds $900,000.

For those of you wanting to get a hands on look with the new game before pledging to the Kickstarter or for those who are just interested to see what the future may bring for this title then play through the demo for yourself!  It is available through Steam, GOG and Humble!