Twitch troll faced to pay the bills – no refunds on his $50,000 donation

Posted on June 6, 2016

iNexus_Ninja has recently gone on a spending spree – but instead of buying riot points, TF2 hats or DOTA compendiums, iNexus decided it was in his best interests to buy shock value from streamers.

The alleged 18 year old has been very generous the last few months, donating large sums of money to streamers and getting some very excited and shocked reactions, it all sounds amazing and like a dream come true advertisement for young people to become streamers to earn a nice paycheck, except for the part where one month after a donation he does a chargeback with his PayPal account and receives the money back in full.

I’m not sure how most people would feel about having someone hand them $1,000  in cash and then break into your house and take it back a month later, but I’d be pretty damn devastated and I feel sorry for the streamers who make it their full time job to entertain young people around the world and live on the donations their faithful fans provide them. Thankfully Paypal is looking out for the little guy by rejecting his chargeback for $50,000 in donations to various streamers.

According to this Neogaf thread, it’s not the first time he’s done it either, and it seems Paypal has decided to teach him a lesson after repeated disputes.  PayPal has never had the most clearly defined stance on donations and getting a refund, however one would assume if you intend to donate, you don’t intend to do a chargeback unless someone has done it without authorization.

Hopefully moving forward with this decision to help set the precedent, we see policy updates that protect streamers and charities from these kinds of actions and we see a younger audience grow up more responsibly.  Don’t mess with the system kids, it always comes back to smack you in the tush.