Civilization VI: A New Leader for Japan

Posted on July 11, 2016

Oda Nobunaga is no more! 2K and Firaxis Games have announced a new leader for Japan in their upcoming Civilization VIHojo Tokimune.

This change seems apt, as he was the shogun  during the time of the only serious foreign threat to Japan before modern times, the Mongol invasion. Tokimune faced pressure from his own government to pay tribute to the Mongols in a compromise, however he chose to reject the Mongol threat instead, fighting them successfully in two separate battles.

And while Japan maintains their special unit (samurai, of course) from Civilization Vthere are some new abilities to look forward to. Meiji Restoration encourages the Japanese to build denser cities by providing bonuses to districts that are built adjacent to one another. Divine Wind provides land units on the coast combat bonuses, as well as naval units fighting in shallow waters. The electronics factory is Japan’s unique building, which enhances the regular factory with a production and culture boost.

All of these unique aspects reflect wildly different parts of Japan’s history which I love, but most of all it gets me really excited to try them out when the game is released! We still have to wait til the 21st of October, but you can tide yourself over by checking out Japan below, or checking out everything we know about Civilization VI.