We Happy Few now available on Early Access & Game Preview

Posted on July 27, 2016

Compulsion’s new dystopic drug-fueled thriller We Happy Few is now available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, but despite being super hyped for this game, I’ve refrained from downloading it… and I think you should too.

For those that aren’t aware, Early Access and Game preview are programs that allow you access to a game as soon as possible, commonly in quite an unfinished state. I personally have very mixed feelings about the whole concept of Early Access, but that’s a tale for another time; the issue I have with We Happy Few in particular being in this program is that it’s a primarily narrative driven experience. The world, the interactions and the atmosphere are what potentially make such a game great to begin with and all of these features require polish to be pulled off. This is exactly what Early Access always lacks: polish.

In terms of getting the best experience possible from a game, it’s sometimes best to wait until it’s been patched a bit and Early Access adds a whole other layer of ‘unfinished’ to the equation. When it comes down to it, games are all about the experience they provide and you’re going to want the best experience possible as you can never play it for a second time, the first time.

What I want is the best experience from We Happy Few and that’s what I want for you too!

So be sure to be wary of the Early Access availability and don’t forget to take your daily dosage of Joy while you wait for the full release.