Key Nintendo Marketing and Sales Executive leaves the company

Posted on July 7, 2016

One of the easiest marketing jobs in the world, I would imagine, is at Nintendo. You merely need to mention legendary legacy franchise names like Zelda or Pokémon and the crowds go wild with pre-orders. I suspect Nintendo has probably caught onto this, as they have decided to phase out the VP of Sales and Marketing role currently occupied by Scott Moffitt as he has decided to step down from the role.

IGN has received a statement from Nintendo on the news, “Scott Moffitt, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has decided to leave Nintendo of America. In order to ensure a smooth transition, Scott will continue to work through the end of July. Nintendo has a strong group of seasoned leaders in place who will step in to assume the full responsibilities of the role on a permanent basis, with the objective of driving more collaboration and greater efficiencies across these groups and among the respective leaders. We thank Scott for his years of service and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Moffitt's SpotPass Mii

Have no fear regarding Nintendo’s future, they’re not phasing out any of the workload, it’s just being redistributed amongst existing staff. However it does beg the question, does the reduction in overheads mean Nintendo has entered classic cost cutting tactics to recoup profits after a few years of questionable performance? Or is this simply a strategic reshuffling of resources in order to maximise marketing and sales efforts in the future? Whatever the case, they need to bring more event Pokémon to the west already! *shakes fist*