New Overwatch hero, Ana, unveiled

Posted on July 13, 2016

The support class for Overwatch is getting a new addition to its roster in the form of Ana,  a ‘sniper-healer’  with a fantastic range of utility abilities.

Ana will be the 22nd hero to join Overwatch and the first ever since the game was released! It seems like Blizzard are looking to make a big impact with her release and if she encourages more players to start playing support then that can only be a good thing. Her skill-set allows her to shoot enemies and allies with great accuracy over long distances, damaging her foes and healing her friends. She can also put enemies to sleep with her sidearm, throw a grenade to aoe heal/damage and provide a big ol’ buff to an ally in the form of a movement speed increase, damage increase and incoming damage reduction.


Ana is a bounty hunter operating out of Cairo, Egypt. At the ripe age of 60 years old and the mother to one of Overwatch’s original heroes: Pharah. Ana represents a seniority that isn’t often found in games of a similar nature. I for one can’t wait to see Ana in action and for those of you wanting to find out more about her origin story then you can watch the video below!