Pokémon Sun and Moon 3DS XL Console and Collector’s Edition games now available for preorder

Posted on July 16, 2016

Australians can now put in their preorders for the awesome looking Pokémon Sun and Moon 3DS XL console and collector’s  edition game sets.

Like other limited edition design consoles, this new console console doesn’t come with the Pokémon Sun and Moon games but depicts the two legendary Pokémon of Sun and Moon, Solgaleo and Lunala respectively, and is currently retailing for AUD$249 (the same price as a regular console that usually comes with a free game).

Each of the collector’s edition sets come with either Pokémon Sun or Moon, a collector pin (which both look like a gym badge!), a limited edition poster, and a steelbook (handy for swiping away all those pesky zubats that seem to be everywhere at the moment).  I think the gym badge alone is worth the extra AUD$10 (AUD$69.95 in total).

The "gym badges" alone make me want to buy both
The “gym badges” alone make me want to buy both! (NB. this article is not endorsed or sponsored by EB Games)

At present, EB Games appear to have exclusive rights to the collector edition sets in Australia and seem to be successfully cornering the Pokémon market in Australia. August’s mythical Pokémon release will be the Alpha Pokémon itself,  Arceus, who will only be available via a download code from EB Games.  As well as this, EB Games stores are preparing midnight launch events on 17/18th November for those who preordered Pokémon Sun or Moon (or both) with details regarding venues (expect a few special launch venues) to be announced soon.

It will be interesting to see whether other retailers will attempt to compete as the hype will most certainly increase closer to November for this much anticipated game in the Pokémon series that will certainly also leverage off the massive success of the augmented reality app title Pokémon Go.