Project Sonic 2017 trailer released

Posted on July 24, 2016

From the team that brought you Sonic Generations & Sonic Colors…the only good ones in recent memory…

Sonic Team have teased us all today with a brand new trailer for Project Sonic 2017, set to debut next year for Nintendo NX, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Whilst some of you may believe that Sonic is played out and should just be left a relic of a bygone era, there are those that still believe that even after the hot mess that was Sonic Boom, the franchise retains some ability to squeeze money from the few fans of the series it still has left.

The trailer is completely CGI and offers no hints as to what gameplay will be featured other than the fact it may or may not feature both new and old Sonic.

If you are still a fan of the series, Kudos to you for having more patience than anyone else ever! You now have a new Sonic entry to try and rekindle your once cherished fandom for the series.