Snowboarding horses! It’s a horse snowboarding!

Posted on July 28, 2016

“Welcome to Snow Horse, the snowboarding game you never asked for, where the points are made up and you are a horse riding a snowboard.”

I don’t think there is much more information needed there.

Coming to iOS on July 28th and Steam on August 4th, Snow Horse (developed by Christopher Figueroa, KinifiGames) finally allows your dreams to be realised!  If those dreams involved playing a horse who can snowboard of course.

Oh did I forget to mention you can wear a pumpkin hat whilst knocking over bowling pins?
Oh did I forget to mention your horse can wear a pumpkin hat whilst knocking over bowling pins?

Snow Horse, although quite simple (and completely nonsense) has the makings of a cult hit.  Sure you don’t work your index finger muscles catching Pokémon but who cares? You get to do crazy snowboarding stunts with a horse.

With the developer already claiming awards as such “Rejected from Taco Bell” and “Best Snowboarding Horse Game”, there is a pretty good chance Snow Horse will join the list of quirky video games that have become a hit.  Already you are able to play as a goat in Goat Simulator, and in HK project, a game currently under development, you will be able to explore a futuristic Hong Kong as a cat (doubt they will have snowboarding though).  Also I cannot forget to mention one of my favourite mobile games, Robot Unicorn Attack (fine, unicorns may not be real but neither are your dreams, loser).

Still not convinced? Check out the trailer below, and just in case you are wondering, here are the lyrics so you can sing along to the trailer!

“Snow horse, disturb the crowd with your great moves yeah

Snow horse, I bet you got frosty

Snow Horse, lightning tail, rainbow speed yeah

Snow Horse… let’s go!”

Still wanting more Snow Horse?  Ok, here is the entire song (by Jacob Pernell).