Solve a mystery with noire point-and-click Bear With Me

Posted on July 14, 2016

I love a good point-and-click adventure, so when I heard about Bear With Me, a mystery title where a 10 year old girl enlists the help of her imaginary friends to investigate her brothers disappearance, I couldn’t help but get interested.

Playing as Amber, you’ll need to gather clues, solve puzzles and interview a cast of toys brought to life in a monochromatic noire world.

Decisions you make throughout will impact the dynamic story, and you’ll be supported ┬áby Ted E. Bear (of course), a stuffed toy bear that turns into “a stoic, gravel-voiced detective inside her imagination”. Apparently he is partial to puns, which sounds right up my alley to be honest.

I’m keen to check out this title from Exordium Games; Bear With Me will be released on Steam and the Humble Store from August 8th. Check out the trailer below!