Trading, Global Leaderboard and more coming to Pokemon Go

Posted on July 11, 2016

In a recent interview with Tech Insider – CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, has unveiled some of the upcoming features for their hugely successful title: Pokémon Go. The interview is unfortunately vague in many respects but that doesn’t stop us from discovering some very crucial details about the future of the game.

The trading of Pokémon will be one feature that fans of the game have been asking for since it opened itself to beta testers. Hanke states that trading is a “kind of a core element” to the Pokémon series and thankfully the future of Pokémon Go looks to be no exception in this regard.

A global scoreboard will also be making its way to the game. The specifics on what this entails wasn’t outlined but having some form of comparison to our friends and the greater gaming populous can only be a good thing.


It was also mentioned that the game will be receiving AR improvements, will potentially be heading to more AR specific platforms (such as google glass) and that gyms and Pokéstops will have more customisation for players.

In any respect, the fact that Niantic are already looking at ways to update the game is fantastic news for those of us who can’t keep our eyes off the augmented screen. What kind of updates do you hope may be coming with future updates of the game? If they can fix some particularly troubling bugs and fix their server issues that would be the perfect start for me.