Twitch streamer beats Fallout 4 with no damage

Posted on July 10, 2016

I’ve often thought about how mind blowing  it would be if someone completed Fallout 4 without receiving a single blow, as well as without any help from a single chem, power armour or companion (unless the main story required you to have a companion).

Well believe it or not, grab that black marker and leave a pretty tick in that box, because it has just been done.

Twitch streamer T Ronix has completed Bethesda’s current masterpiece in mildly over 25 hours, without receiving a single blow or using a single upgrade. He did unfortunately die once due to an in game glitch, however even that alone is worth respect.

It has not been new to T Ronix to complete Fallout 4  under tricky conditions; his previous video saw him complete the game without using a single healing factor, which you can view here.

As unbelievable as it sounds you can witness all the magic of T Ronix epic no damage playthrough in part one  of  his ten part Youtube/Twitch stream video below.