Xbox One preview makes Cortana optional

Posted on July 15, 2016

In their latest Insider update to the Xbox One Dashboard Microsoft is allowing users to Opt-out of Cortana voice commands.
For Australians we won’t see any difference as we technically weren’t able to use Cortana commands on the Xbox One yet, unless one was to fiddle a bit with the region settings, that is.

A number of testers, myself included, tried it out and found Cortana to be relatively buggy and unfinished; And found ourselves wanting instead, to opt to use the original Xbox Voice commands.
While Cortana on the Xbox One seems amazing in theory, she’d be capable of doing all kinds of things she’s already capable of on Phones and PC, with some extra features just for Xbox, the implementation we have seen so far has been very rough.

Here’s hoping Microsoft is able to iron out the kink in time for the Aug 2nd roll out of the Anniversary update for Windows 10 & Xbox One.