14 new Pokémon announced for Sun and Moon. New Trials, Riding Pokémon and Z-Moves

Posted on August 3, 2016

With Pokémon Sun and Moon three months  away from release in Australia, Nintendo continues to poke at its fans by releasing more salivating material that is just deepening the craving  to see this  exciting new chapter in the Pokémon franchise on the 3DS screen.  Some new gameplay elements have just been revealed as well as  14 new Pokémon including  five revamped Gen 1 Pokémon .


Alolan Exeggutor


As much as Exeggutor is a weird looking Pokémon this has just gotten a whole lot weirder?  Not only has it grown 35 foot tall but somewhere in there is a dragon? That’s right Exeggutor has now become a tree dragon giraffe with four heads, say what? Yep, you heard correctly grass/dragon Pokémon and the fourth head is located on its tail… well we think its a head?

Alolan Vulpix


Winter is coming, in such an adorable little form, Vulpix! The adorable, once fire Pokémon has now become  one with ice  and is now an ice Pokémon that will surely put a chill of cuteness in everyone.

Alolan Ninetales


The legendary nine-tail fox Pokémon , Ninetails has undergone the winter change, however, with a touch of fairy. This hard hitting unit also has a new ability to shoot  ice projectiles  from out of its fur causing devastating damage to its foe; just what we expected from our most loved fox.

Alolan Sandshrew


It seems that Sandshrew has also jumped on the ice team wagon, becoming an ice Pokémon himself, with a hint of steel.

Alolan Sandslash


The Alolan Sandslash like Sandshrew is also an ice/steel Pokémon , however it is much more bigger than the traditional Sandslash. Its spikes are covered in ice making it much more bigger, however this comes at a disadvantage making its speed a lot more slower. None the less we presume if a Pokémon connects with this slasher claw there is no doubt that heavy damage will be inflicted.


Oricorio (Sensu Style)


It may be safe to  say that Oricorio is the Alola region’s  sort of equivalent of Eevee, since it can transform into various style evolutions when it consumes specific flowers found on  each island in the Alola region. The Sensu style changes Oricorio into a flying/ghost type Pokémon .

Oricorio (Pa’u Style)


The Pa’u Style transforms Oricorio in to a psychic/flying Pokémon , as well it has the ability to become more powerful through its talent to dance, work it!

Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style)


This  cheery little fellow is Ocario’s Pom-Pom Style evolution, which is a lightning/flying based Pokémon . It summons electricity through its pom pom’s which become electrified boxing gloves, while its whole body is an electrified conduit.  Like the other  Oricorio evolution’s , it also relies on its cheery dance to enhance its powers, “gimme an O……”

Oricorio (Baile Style)


Last but not least of the Oricorio evolution’s we have Ocario’s  fire/flying type Baile Style evolution. His fiery intense tango salsa moves power up his devastating fire attacks, which surge through its entire body. Just from the look of this Pokémon it seems it hungers for battle, and can not wait to dance fiery circles around its opponent, cha-cha-cha .



Mudbray is a cute ground type donkey Pokémon that has access to powerful attacks such as Earthquake. It evolves into Mudsdale the powerful looking stallion as seen in the introductory of riding in Pokémon  Sun and Moon.




Minior is a meteor  rock/flying type Pokémon that has  great defensive abilities all created through it’s Shield Down ability.



Gumshoo is the evolve form of Yungoos.  It is a very switched on Pokémon and from what we can see it may be a Pokémon that relies greatly on it’s speed and quick attacks.



This cute little grass Pokémon relies heavily on the photosynthesis ability to charge it attacks and use on it’s enemies , it is also said to  dish out  one hell of a Solar Beam.



Lurantis is the evolved form of  Formantis and is just dazzling in beauty, however is  lethal like a boss. This Pokémon is the Black Widow (The Avengers) of Pokemon, she’ll flirt and make other Pokemon adore her, before she pulls out her Solar Blade and leaves them face planted on the floor.

Riding Pokémon

Riding Pokémon will be a new mode of transport and it looks amazing, from flying upon Charizard to Stampeding on Tauros  to galloping on Mudsdale, Pokémon Sun and Moon are going all out to produce a new and exciting gaming experience for Pokémon fans.


Z- Moves

Z-moves are a new special attack that Pokémon in Sun and Moon can unleash. It can only be used once per battle however it inflicts incredible damage, so  use it wisely to turn the tides in a tough battle.

z power


Before we use to rely on defeating gym leaders to gain gym battles to progress throughout the game, however a new trial element has been introduced into the game. Upon the four islands of the Alola Region there are certain trials that trainers must part take in to further progress through the game, these are given by the four trial captains on each island, the four are:

Lana   (Water Pokémon Expert)


Mallow  (Grass Pokémon Expert)


Sophocles (Electric Pokémon Expert)


Kiawe  (Fire Pokémon Expert)


The trials not only include battles but scavenger hunts, dancing trials and much more.

Totem Pokémon

Upon completion of a trial a Totem Pokémon will be waiting for the trainer at the end of the trial. Totem Pokémon are much more larger than other species of Pokémon and are covered in a special shiny aura, they also have the ability to summon allies to the battle making it more challenging for the trainer to overcome these powerful Pokémon.


Grand Trial

Upon completion of all trials on each island will unlock the grand trial, which is a battle against the  Kahuna ( Islands Leader) . Upon completing the grand trial the trainer will receive recognition and have access to the next island.


Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to release  in Australia Nov. 18