Battleborn still a thing for those that were born to battle

Posted on August 27, 2016

This might come as a surprise to most people who aren’t too busy playing Overwatch, but Battleborn is still releasing content… and it’s good!

The Gearbox Software team have just released the third of five promised free characters for the game, as well as given a preview for the fourth.


Ernest – a gun wielding, egg grenade tossing solider of misfortune – fits in seamlessly with the existing band of lovable misfits Battleborn already has on offer.

Despite its low play numbers, Battleborn actually has a lot to offer people looking for a fun and enjoyable MOBA style game.  It’s main downfall is its untimely release date against Blizzard MOBA giant Overwatch, but it had some other flaws as well that you can read about in our review.

So, with Kid Ultra next on the list of new characters to eventually make an appearance, there’s plenty of reasons to still be playing this game or at very least giving it a second chance.