Battlefield 1 Open Beta scheduled for August 31st

Posted on August 17, 2016

DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc studio has announced the Battlefield 1 Open Beta will begin August 31st on Xbox One, PC via Origin  and PlayStation 4. Players who have signed up as a Battlefield Insider here  and chosen their platform before August 21st will be eligible to receive early access to the Open Beta. The Beta will feature two franchise favorite modes – Conquest and Rush – on the new Sinai Desert map. Playable with up to 64 players, this map includes a new controllable Armored Train behemoth, mountable horses and three new Elite Classes – Sentry, Flame Trooper and Tank Hunter.

There was a lot of noise made for Battlefield 1 since it was unveiled earlier in the year, and this is really a chance to get a taste for what the title will bring, set against the backdrop of World War 1. Bring a horse to a tank fight, or rain down machine gun fire on enemy positions with the heavily armored Sentry. The Open Beta action can be viewed via twitch here, and anyone lucky enough to be attending Gamescom will be able to experience the game first hand.

Here is the official Gamescom trailer, hot off the press: