‘Diabotical’ is looking to bring back the old-school Arena FPS

Posted on August 2, 2016

Launched today was a Kickstarter campaign by GD Studios, a development team made up of former Quake devs alongside e-sport professionals. With the FPS genre shifting in new directions, GD’s goal is to bring back the Arena FPS in all of its old-school glory with their game, Diabotical.

Diabotical is already well into its development cycle. It is a multiplayer, competitive FPS with all of the bells and whistles of classic games such as Quake and Unreal Tournament.

Poking fun at new trends in shooters and competitive titles – Diabotical will feature rocket-jumping, bunny-hopping and health/armour pick-ups rather than classes, health regeneration and pay-to-win.

It will have a high focus on movement, have classic weapons such as the rail gun and rocket launcher, will be fully moddable, comes with a map editor, will feature classic game modes such as team deathmatch and capture the flag and will have competitive and casual play for teams and solo. Sounds good to me!

Diabotical is asking for £110,000 for their Kickstarter and has almost reached the halfway point already. With 31 days to go it seems likely that this title will comfortably receive its funding and hopefully achieve their stretch goals that will give us a co-op race and a co-op survival game mode.

The game is looking to release on steam/windows this time next year with a closed beta arriving as soon as possible. I for one can’t wait to get this game in my life.