Everything we know about South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Posted on August 17, 2016

When South Park: The Stick Of Truth released in 2014 it quickly became one of my favourite games of the year. This is thanks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s hilarious writing that stayed perfectly faithful to the standard of the television series and the surprisingly passable turn-based, RPG system that accompanied it. So it will be no shock to anybody that I can not wait to dive head first into The Fractured But Whole and witness the cozy contents that reside within (was that too graphic?)

The Fractured But Whole is serving as a direct sequel to The Stick Of Truth and will be adapting systems that were put in place in the previous game to bring a familiar yet updated experience. With a lot of new individuals potentially coming into The Fractured But Whole for the first time, we can only hope that it is accommodating enough to support a potentially large load. The Fractured But Whole has revealed a lot of itself already so join me as I take a closer inspection to see exactly what has been inserted into this new entity.


Game: South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Developer: Ubisoft, South Park Digital
Publisher: Ubisoft
Writers: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date: December 6th


The Premise…

Taking place one day after the events of the last game, the kids of South Park have hung up their wizard hats and knights armour, choosing to instead take on a new fantasy as super-heroes. Your character (new kid or douche-bag) has to put aside his crown, step down from the all-mighty position that he had acquired, put on some hero tights and start his journey anew.

With the kids fighting over the limelight of their super-hero universe a crack emerges in The Fractured But Whole, creating a divide and starting a civil war.

Character Creation…

The Fractured But Whole allows you to take on one of twelve character tropes in this iteration of the game. So far revealed have been the Brutalist, Blaster and Speedster classes, each with their own set of unique abilities. The Jew class is currently nowhere to be seen but we can only hope for its miraculous return. The game will also allow you to choose your gender this time around, with Trey Parker and Matt Stone confirming that your gender will impact the way Cartman and the other characters interact with you.

The game will allow you to customise your characters appearance and mix and match your powers so that you can tailor your own experience and fit in with the likes of The Coon (Cartman), Mysterion (Kenny), The Human Kite (Kyle) and Toolshed (Stan).


The Gameplay…

The Fractured But Whole has seen some gameplay evolutions over its predecessor, moving it in a more tactical direction. The game will still be a turn-based, rpg with open-world exploration but this time the characters aren’t rooted in place. Opting for a location or tile based combat system, the player will be able to apply more strategy by tactically situating their party, hiding behind cover, lining up multiple enemies in one shot and knocking enemies into environmental hazards for extra damage.

The game will also allow you to have a party of 4 hero’s on your team (an increase from the last game) with hero’s taking on the roles of healers, tanks, DPS and more. With additional party members we can expect more diverse powers and more strategic combinations for battle sequences.


The game is also expanding on the amazing power of flatulence introduced in the previous title. It was discovered in the Stick Of Truth that the player character had a magic butt-hole that was able to help him in times of dire need. That power has now become even stronger, allowing him to travel vertically and to bend time itself.

The Nosulus Rift…

Okay so this one is a little… weird. Also announced to coincide with the release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole was a new piece of hardware being dubbed the Nosulus Rift. The Nosulus rift is a device you strap around your head which emits smells dependent on what occurs on-screen. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well don’t get too excited because the purpose of this device is to allow you to smell the farts that you let rip during your gaming experience and the device will be available to use at Gamescom this year, no I’m not joking.

“South Park’s The Fractured but Whole is the first game compatible with Nosulus Rift. Experience the most engaging gameplay ever created” – [source]


Well that about wraps things up here. That was all of the information available about the new South Park game, presented in its entirety in fragmented segments… or as a fractured but whole, you could say.

For those looking for even more Fractured But Whole goodness (was this article not good enough for you?) then check out this behind the scenes video or hold tight for further information that is no doubt soon to come out of Gamescom or other outlets.