This fan made Pokémon game took 9 years to complete!

Posted on August 13, 2016

A fan-made Pokémon game has finally seen the light of Day! After taking 9 years to complete the extremely impressive game.

They call it Pokémon Uranium! And it really feels like a Pokémon game that just got lost in the developers office.

This very impressive take on the classic red/blue/yellow formula introduces a lot of new features, such as: A brand new region, Tandor, more that 150 new and original Pokemon and some old favourites too. They have even included a whole brand new type of Pokemon: Nuclear. It’s very evident that the goal intended in this fan masterpiece was to recapture the classic Pokemon experience… with a few twists thrown in.

The three starters work a littler differently this time around, each come with not one, but two types, so you have Grass/Steel, Fire/Ground and Water/Electric, this allows for a little bit more strategy to take place. The other new thing with the Starters is that they only evolve once somewhere around the 20’s but each have a mega evolution!

StartersYou can view the Trailer which was released in July below, and with the very likely chance of the developer/fans receiving a sternly written cease and desist letter soon, you can see details on where to get Pokémon Uranium here

I’ve had the chance to give it a crack and I really enjoyed the nice nostalgia injection into my brain along with the new additions. Let us know what you think below!