Get your Wands out in VR

Posted on August 20, 2016

Wands, the latest offering from NUX Studios for the GearVR, lets players duel like they are in the Defence against the Dark Arts class…. or something non-copyright equivalent.

An online PvP (Player vs. Player) title for Samsung Gear VR, players train in Wands by learning ancient spells and duelling other wielders online, harnessing their mystical power to become the most powerful magician in the realm.

That’s right. magician; not wizard.  I’ll say it clearly so we don’t re-live the new book/script controversy…


(…it’s kinda a Harry Potter game, though)

Set in late 19th-century London, Wands presents an alternate history and drops gamers into a virtual reality steampunk world where they can join a secret society of spell wielders who seek to prove their power and unlock hidden magical talents.

But what NUX is really selling in this trailer below is it’s potential as a party game. Utilising the online spectator mode on PC, mobile and tablets, players can duel their friends in VR while others look on from the big screen. That’s right, you may have honed your craft in-game, but you’ll still look like an idiot to those watching. And isn’t that what party games are all about?

And with Wands, you get the double hit of couch co-op and smutty innuendo.

Yes , whether ebony or birch wood, there are always plenty that’ll bask in the opportunity to get their Wands out at a party; it’s even better with an audience, you know. Trying to look suave while slinging spells may be tricky, but at least spectators will know what they’re in for if they do decide to go one-on-one.

Wands is out now for GearVR.