For Honor: New trailer and details of Alpha announced

Posted on August 18, 2016

Ubisoft has announced the For Honor closed alpha will begin on September 15 and last until September 18. Those interested in participating can sign up for access on the game’s official website here. Note however that registration to the backstage program only offers you a a chance to be selected and is not a guarantee.

The announcement was made during Gamescom, where Ubisoft also detailed the game’s roster of 12 playable heroes. These warriors are split into three factions: Knight, Viking, and Samurai. According to a press release, “each feature four true elite warriors, capable of making a major difference on the battlefield.”

“For Honor embarks players in the chaos, fury and brutality of ruthless, visceral close-quarter combat featuring the brutal Vikings, the deadly Knights and the cold-blooded Samurai,” Ubisoft says. In each faction, players will be able to choose among four different types of Heroes that go like so:

  • Vanguards are well-balanced Heroes, with good attack, and defense capabilities and great versatility.
  • Assassins are swift and lethal characters, great duelists with very good offense
  • Heavies are the most resistant Heroes, their attacks are slow but deadly. They’re especially efficient for defending a point and annihilating AI enemies.
  • Hybrids mix elements and characteristics of other types. They are advanced characters fostering uncommon tactics

We were given a fresh taste of combat in the following clip, showcasing Viking vs Samurai action. I can only say that I am expecting good things from this title.