Hot Lava is bringing the heat with sizzling gameplay footage

Posted on August 30, 2016

Zip up your flame-proof suits and get the fire brigade on standby because Klei Entertainment are looking to set the world ablaze with their latest game – Hot Lava. Tapping into the imagination of our inner child, Hot Lava whisks the player into platforming peril as they attempt to keep themselves off the ground, because you know… the floor is lava.

Hot Lava will be the latest in an impressive catalogue of titles for Klei Entertainment and their first delve into both first-person and 3D gaming. Previously the developer had worked on indie classics such as ‘Mark of the Ninja’, ‘Shank’, ‘Invisible Inc’ and ‘Don’t Starve’ which are all well worth your time for those who haven’t played them.

First-person platforming has been a struggle for some developers to get right. Although if my extensive time with source mods (which seems to be the inspiration here) have taught me anything, it is that it’s indeed possible.

Hot Lava will be billowing its way onto Steam (and potentially other platforms) at a currently undisclosed date.