Impressive, 52 minute Gamescom demo for Star Citizen released

Posted on August 20, 2016

With No Man’s Sky being the be all and end all of gaming discussions right now, never has there been a better time to show off Star Citizen in all of its intergalactic glory. Star Citizen will be this hybrid space and planetary exploration game with mining, trading and first-person combat, sound familiar? The game will be a massively multiplayer online experience that may well be able to pull off what No Man’s Sky couldn’t and the developers most certainly aren’t too afraid to bring the goods with an extensive, live, gameplay demo at this years Gamesom. Check it out.

The game was created out of an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign and is looking to release later this year for Microsoft PC and Linux with full VR compatibility. What we have been shown looks real promising so far but in light of recent events, maybe we should keep our hype in check?