Interactive streaming service Beam acquired by Microsoft

Posted on August 12, 2016

Announced in a blog post by Microsoft the software giant has just acquired interactive game streaming service Beam.

Beam’s major selling point is its evolution of game streaming as a passive broadcast with masses of people to real-time participation and interaction between streamer and viewer. This even extends to playing the game with and/or along side the streamer, offering integrated controls and a universal experience.

Beam has been designed to work with all games and it has been noted that they will continue to operate across all platforms, even while now working under the Xbox team.

“As part of the Xbox team, we’ll be able to scale faster than we’ve ever been able to before, we’re expanding the team, bolstering our infrastructure, and, most importantly, continuing to grow the amazing community we’ve been lucky enough to build at Beam.” said Matt Salsamendi, Beam CEO.

Beam is an excellent alternative to the other game streaming services that are currently on the market. You can find more information about Beam and even give the service a go right here.