To The Moon HD mobile remake + ‘sequel’ are coming

Posted on August 5, 2016

If you haven’t cried enough tears over To The Moon yet and want something extra before it’s sequel Finding Paradise  is released in less than a years time, then fear not!

Thanks to the help of developers X.D. Network, a Shanghai-based company, they will be taking this true gem made by Freebird Games and giving it a whole new light. The team behind the remake say they will aim to keep true to the original feel of the game, while updating the mechanics and its graphics with a more painting-like aesthetic. The remaster is expected to be ready for testing by the end of this year, and fully available some time in 2017. Unfortunately it is only an IOS/Android mobile remake, but it doesn’t mean the original magic wont be there.

NOW, did you hear me mention something about a sequel? Well, technically more like Episode 2, but regardless, Finding Paradise will be the first game since To The Moon to feature the two doctors (yes, that beloved quirky pair!) and the first full game to feature a new story (and patient!) in the same universe as To The Moon. This of course is excluding the two Christmas specials that have been released over the past five years since the games release.

We can expect to see Finding Paradise released sometime next year, so it really is a perfect time to get a remake of the original to re-live the feels before our hearts are (expected) to be torn apart by the second game.

To The Moon has been one of my personal favorite games for many years, so this news couldn’t be any more perfect. (Well, unless they announced even more games to come! I’m sure fellow fans know those feels well.)

If you haven’t yet played To The Moon for whatever reason, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you head over to the developer Freebird Games page here  and dive into it! To The Moon gave a really refreshing view on the classic RPG game style, and not only drew a whole new crowd into the RPG world, but also showed that you don’t always need insane battle mechanics to make a great game; you just need an immersive story. Plus, some great humour always helps (FREE PONY RIDES IN SPAAAAAACCCEEE!!!)