New York, Milan… Microsoft. Introducing the Xbox Onesie!

Posted on August 23, 2016

You call yourself a gamer?  Not if you don’t have your own official Xbox Onesie!

Gone are the days of wearing boring old tracky dacks or the boxers you slept in last night when you play your favourite game.

You can now create your own cat walk from the fridge to the couch in true leisurewear eleganza from the House of Gates.

Channelling pure gaming couture, the Xbox Onesie features a customised embroidered Gamertag, pockets large enough to fit your Xbox controller and media remotes, as well as a stylish arm pouch to keep your mobile phone in safe reach for those emergency social media posts during a boss battle.  An extra-large hood can fit headphones or your ego as your clock that game.

Collage of Xbox Onesie features
Specialised pockets, thinking poses and a zipper feature in the Xbox Onesie

Getting a bit hot from the competition?  Both the legs and arms are rollable unlike those inferior Onesies that continue to annoy with non-rollable sleeves.

Thinking of the hardcore gamer, the Xbox Onesie comes in black or white, the latter perfect for accentuating the cheese and bacon ball smears created during an epic tournament battle for that personal look that will set you aside from the pack.

Black Xbox Onesie

But the most important feature of the Xbox Onesie are forearm grips to prevent you falling off the couch as you win… or for your enemies as they beg for mercy.

It is not clear whether self-respect will be included or  available as a DLC.