Obduction, from the makers of Myst, has just been released

Posted on August 25, 2016

Cyan Worlds will be forever known as the development studio that created the ‘Myst’ franchise. For those unaware, Myst and its sequels were some of the most influential and most successful PC games of all time. Released over 20 years ago, Myst managed to hold the title of the best selling PC game until it was dethroned by The Sims, nine years after Myst released – [source]. Now we kind of have an understanding of why the release of Obduction is actually a pretty big deal.

Obduction’s website describes it as “a new exploration experience for a new generation of explorers” that allows players to choose their direction, dictate their own freedom and tackle the game in their own way. The game will allow players to play with a more standardised, modern control scheme or can revert back to the older Myst model of point-and-click movement.

Watch the launch trailer, do you get immediate Myst vibes from this title too?