Pokémon GO players up to their ankles in deadly waste and half eaten crumpets

Posted on August 3, 2016

Just days after Pokémon GO was launched in the UK, one of their biggest recycling and waste management plants manged by BusinessWaste.co.uk (that’s a rubbish tip for those of you playing at home) have started noticing risky and hapless Pokémon hunters rifling through trash and waste in order to catch Pokémon.

This isn’t the first time since the roll-out of Pokémon GO that it has made headlines, as just a few weeks back there were reports of players walking into the Holocaust Museum.

According to staff working for BusinessWaste.co.uk, the incidents are already piling up.

  • An adult was asked to leave a waste and recycling site after being seen playing the game oblivious to the plant machinery around him.
  • A family group were seen hunting Pokémon at an active landfill site. They were given appropriate advice and escorted to safety.
  • A teenager was climbing on industrial bins containing metallic waste behind a factory because (and we quote) “There’s a Jigglypuff here, give me two minutes”.
  • Two youths who stepped out in front of a bin lorry on their way to a nearby Pokéstop at a local war memorial, who were within inches of being road traffic accident victims.

With the Pokémon GO craze still buzzing, what kind of situations have you found yourself in just to catch a Spearow?