Prey gameplay trailer revealed

Posted on August 7, 2016

Back at E3, one of the biggest announcements from Bethesda was the return of Prey.

With a little uncertainty about what exactly this new version of Prey would be, we finally have some clarification from Raphael Colantonio, president of Arkane Studios.  “Prey is not a sequel, it’s not a remake, it has no tie with the original.”

At QuakeCon, Bethesda have revealed a new gameplay trailer to give us a taste of what to expect, and it looks like a shooter with sci-fi and horror elements… which makes me very happy in all the right places.  Colantonio has elaborated that “it is important to note that’s it’s not just shooting. It’s more like a hybrid game where there’s, like, narrative meets with action meets with a little bit of RPG. You have some weapons, but you also have lots of other things – including powers that you can learn from the aliens themselves.”

Whatever it’s going to be, it’s looking pretty great! Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think in the comments!