Square Enix release “Human by Design” Documentary in partnership with CNN

Posted on August 3, 2016

CNN’s branded content studio Courageous and Square Enix have partnered to release “Human by Design”, an original documentary that explores the world of human augmentation and the blurring lines between humanity and technology.

Human by Design is a 30-minute film that follows 12 extraordinary people at the intersection of technology and imagination. Inspired by the futuristic themes and ethical questions contained in the video game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided,  this real-world journey introduces the leading minds in human augmentation that are redefining what it means to be human.

“This documentary is meant to inform and inspire, which many may consider outside the norm for a video game,” said Jon Grant, senior product manager at Square Enix. “However, if you know about the Deus Ex universe, then you also know that this type of film makes perfect sense. Bionics and human augmentation are rapidly advancing, and as a result, it’s time for everyone to consider the social and ethical impact that this will have on mankind. We are excited for people to see this film, and we could not be happier with the Amazon Video partnership.”

Check out the trailer for the movie below to get a taste of what’s in store.