Turtonator Announced for Pokémon Sun and Moon

Posted on August 19, 2016

It seems that Blastoise may not be the only enormous, heavy hitting turtle Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise.

Nintendo have released new introductory footage at this years Gamescom in Cologne, of a new Pokémon that will be appearing in the upcoming Pokémon title, Pokémon Sun and Moon. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Meet the Terminator!

I mean  the Turtonator!


This Blast-Turtle Pokémon is  over six foot tall and weights roughly about 212 kg’s. It is a Fire/Dragon type and has very impressive defensive talents, mainly its ability Shell Armor, which greatly raises its defensive capabilities to withstand more damage.

The shell on its back is also layered with explosive material, which is why this Pokémon chooses to fight with its back to its enemy. When a Pokémon attacks its shell, sparks are produced from the horns on it shells, which ignite the explosive material and cause an explosion harming the attacking Pokémon.

The Turtonator also has the potential to learn an exclusive attack known as Shell Trap.  Shell Trap allows a Pokémon to lay a trap on the first turn, if the Pokémon that lays Shell Trap  is attacked on the opponents turn, the trap will trigger and explode causing heavy damage to the attacking Pokémon.

Apart from having impressive defensive and offensive abilities the Turtonator can be found near volcanoes , and can be seen feeding on the sulphur that gathers around there, or catching its prey while disguised as a volcanic rock.