World of Warcraft: Legion launches tonight

Posted on August 30, 2016

Over a decade since its release, World of Warcraft continues to serve up content with their most recent expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion.

Legion is the 6th expansion from Blizzard for their exceedingly popular MMORPG. It will bring the Dark Titan Sargeras, and his demonic following, Burning Legion to Azeroth; with the plan to burn the world to the ground. Alliance and Horde members have a lot to fear and a lot to overcome with the most recent instalment, which goes live in a matter of hours!

Legion will bring a few new goodies to the table that include a Demon Hunter class, a new region by the name of ‘Broken Isles’ and a level cap increase from 100 to 110.  Legion will also debut ‘Mythic+ Keystone Dungeons’, an alternative, level-based system that will replace traditional Raids. If you’re not sure exactly what all that means, Blizzard have provided a post on the new Mythic+. For a full list of changes and more details on the new expansion, check out the World of Warcraft website.

The expansion goes live at 5 pm tonight, August 30. Available now on PC