Clustertruck: a chaotic, truck platformer is now available

Posted on September 29, 2016

Leaping from truck to truck down a high-speed freeway sounds like a movie cliché, but in Clustertruck, it’s your only known existence. Take on the role of the hero and leap perilously between moving trucks while avoiding environmental hazards, falling terrain, laser grids and more. Clustertruck is a first-person platformer that uses quick movement and chaotic environments to create anarchy and hilarity.

Check out the Gameplay Trailer for Clustertruck and see if it gets you as excited for high-speed, platforming mayhem as it does for me.

The game is out now on PS4 and Steam and has already amassed a lot of positive reviews. It will also feature grappling hooks, truck cannons and time machines to give you the tools that you need to overcome the Clustertruck of incoming vehicles and hazards. With an in-built level editor and Steam Workshop support included as well, there will be a lot of content here for people looking to get their jump on.