Being a crazy cat lady just got a little bit fancy!

Posted on September 26, 2016

Its time to toss out the old kitty litter and start playing Fancy Cats!   If you loved Neko Atsume but you’re simply bored with just attracting cats to your yard, then this is the app for you.

While the rest of us were sitting around awaiting the arrival of Neko Atsume 2, Developer All 4 Games  crept in through the cat flap and has delivered something genuinely compelling.   Disguised as a delightful cats in cosplay app, it’s actually a truly addictive puzzle game.

Available for iPhone and Android, Fancy Cats appears to be a mesh of game types with a puzzle core, which sees you playing fancy dress with your collection of kitties and keeping them happy like Tamagotchi for rewards of coins and gems.


The basic match 3 game type is the foundation of Fancy Cats, so if you’re sick of the genre best stick with Neko Atsume for now.   Personally I found the puzzle aspect great fun in addition to hoarding cats.

Your main objective in the puzzle game is to drop a set number of mystery boxes to the bottom of the grid.   The basic match-3 game type rules apply.   Example: match 4 or more of the same object for explosive special bonuses.

At the end of each round you open any boxes you managed to drop, and the rewards inside are handed out.   But its not all loot boxes and prizes.   Occasionally Fancy Cats like to mix things up too. You’ll find yourself blasting your way through immovable blocks, or matching up different coloured fish to replenish your kitties food stocks.

The higher your level, the more accessories and outfits you can unlock and purchase.  This means the more you can pimp your kitty.   Collect enough coins or gems and you’ll even get to expand your cats garden onto another screen with different seasons to suit each type of cat.

With an array of fun social features Fancy Cats is a great little app to pass the time.

Fancy Cats