Eve Online to begin allowing players to play, for free!

Posted on September 1, 2016

As far as MMORPG’s go, very few are able to hold on to the traditional subscription model. Alternatively, many games opt for a Free-to-Play model such as Tera or Aion, or they dip into the ‘pay once but never again’ style of Guild Wars 2. Well it looks like Eve Online is taking yet another path more akin to Runescape that allows players to jump in with a limited gaming experience for free, while also allowing more dedicated players to continue to pay a subscription for access to all content.

Sound interesting? Maybe now is the perfect time to jump in a give Eve Online a try; because after 13 years of using a subscription only model, players  can now play for free!

Eve Online is an intimidatingly deep, space simulation MMO. Players explore, mine, pilot, trade and fight in a player-reliant, persistent world. Dedicated players can run corporations, develop alliances, control territory and oversee massive space battles between rival corporations with lasting, game changing effects.

Free-to-Play players (or ‘Alphas’) will be capable of enjoying a large subset of the games content that includes mining, exploring, running missions and joining in on fleet fights. Alphas, however, will be limited on the skills and ships they are able to use. Paid subscription players (‘Omegas’) on the other hand, will continue to be able to play the game with all current and future content, unrestricted.

Players will be able to switch freely between a payed or free experience. If you are looking for more information on the topic, I suggest having a peak at the developer blog. Changes are set to take place in November this year.