Fan turned down to marry Overwatch character Mercy

Posted on September 13, 2016

Well you can’t blame a fan for trying, especially when it comes to chasing love. A poor soul has attempted to gain the hand of Overwatch character Mercy in marriage via e-mail , however creators Blizzard have turned down the offer by delivering  the icy cold truth.

“She already offered her digital heart to the most noble, handsome, fit, intelligent and morally upright character in Overwatch: Roadhog.”


Oh shut down son!  How the truth hurts!

Even though it is hard to see what she finds so attractive about him, I presume his real beauty lies beneath the skin, even if what lays inside is a mindless psychopath, I guess opposites  really do attract right Paula Abdul? It’s definitely that pork belly mmmm.

paula abdul

There is always the hope that if things don’t turn out with the one-pack brute, this fan may have a chance at securing the Winged Healers heart. That is however, if they can find a way to get into the video game;  which is most likely not going to happen. Unless Blizzard make them into a character that has romantic ties with her; which I also seriously doubt will happen.

So I guess  its back to daydreaming of  a romantic wedding scene on the beach, while an ember sunset portrays in the background  for this fan.

sunset wedding

For the full email you can read the image below.

Blizzaed Message

Overwatch is now available for PS4, Xbox One and  PC.