Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood: Episode 5 released

Posted on September 20, 2016

For those who are possibly a little bummed over the fact that Final Fantasy XV has been delayed, there might be a slight ray of hope in the recent release of Final Fantasy XV’s anime side story Brotherhood Episode 5 – The Warmth of the Light – released on the official Final Fantasy XV Youtube page. Without spoiling too much for those who are new to the mini series, this final episode wraps up the short story involving Noct and his travel companions Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis as they make their way to Caem before being drawn into a battle with a creature from Noct’s past.

The series itself was created by Okio Afuji, who wished to expand upon Prompto’s difficult childhood history allowing players of the game more insight into one of the main characters. From this the series was born and created to serve the purpose of showing the viewers small snippets of the four main characters histories, with stories that may not have fit so well in the actual game. Brotherhood deals with themes of friendship, camaraderie,  and loyalty – giving the characters even more depth before Final Fantasy XV is even released – which, to me, is something I can really appreciate as it gives me more reason to want to play the game and see how these four men progress within the actual game itself.

For those of you who wish to start from the beginning, give the series a go click here below to watch Episode 1: Before the Storm.