Halo 5: Forge comes free to PC, Anvils Legacy update free for Xbox One

Posted on September 10, 2016

Isn’t free just the best word ever? Well it seems like Microsoft and 343 Industries agree because they have released free content for Halo 5 on both PC and Xbox One.

Let’s get the Xbox content done first shall we? Anvil’s Legacy is the latest expansion to the popular multiplayer shooter and  it’s adding the new maps ‘Temple’ and ‘Mercy’, new weapons and more, all for free! The update has landed today for anyone wanting to get their Halo 5 fix.

Now to the good stuff! (I swear I’m not biased). Halo 5: Forge has been released onto Windows completely free. The Forge mode is a staple of the Halo games now and functions as a tool that allows users to jump in and create their own maps and game modes. A lot of very popular game modes have been moulded from Forge’s hammer and anvil, so as a PC player I’m excited to give them a whirl. A future update will bring a proper game browser to the PC to make finding games easier but for now we will just have to make do.

For those looking to grab Halo 5: Forge for their PC, there is a slight catch. Firstly you’ll need Windows 10 and furthermore you’ll need the Windows 10 anniversary update (which is free for Windows 10 users). Once you have this though it’s smooth sailing, just download the game from the Windows Store.

Are you still playing Halo 5? Will this tempt you to get stuck in again?