Kojima reveals new Death Stranding information

Posted on September 14, 2016

At the Pre-Tokyo Game Show, legendary developer Hideo Kojima shared some more information regarding  his upcoming masterpiece, Death Stranding, which will star The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus as the main protagonist.

Kojima  went on to uncover more about the title and logo ,as well as some details about the in game elements included in the game.

The title and logo is mistaken to be ooze or ink, when in actual fact it is cords. This is to represent the strand cords which connect people in the Death Stranding Universe.

Death Stranding Title

He  also revealed that Death Stranding will be an action genre title with a large open world to explore, as well as online elements which will be accessed through the cable strands with in the game.

To make the journey even more spectacular, Death Stranding will be available in 4K Resolution as well as HDR.

The Tokyo Game Show will officially kick off on September 18th, where we are hoping Kojima will reveal more details regarding his new project. No release date has been confirmed  for Death Stranding yet, only that it is scheduled for a 2017 release at this stage.