League of Legends new board game spinoff is Yordles of fun!

Posted on September 20, 2016

Due for release on October 13 2016, Mechs vs Minions is a co-op programmatic board game which will see you matching your Yordle characters against a horde of trash mobs.  A small pocket of developers at Riot Games have spent the last 3 years of their lives creating what can only be called a true labour of love.

Straight out of the League of Legends universe, the hugely successful online multiplayer RTS now has it’s very own offline multiplayer IRL board game! The cooperative experience has players taking on the role of one of four Champions: Tristana, Heimerdinger, Corki and Ziggs.

With an in-depth story mode offering players 10 different missions, each reported at approximately  60 to 90 minutes game play,  the story see’s your charming Yordles invited by Rumble to his distinguished and completely “safe” mech training school. Naturally things quickly go wrong and your poor Yordles find themselves pitted against a horde of minions in a battle to save all of Runeterra.


Mechs vs Minions looks to be a fully-packed gamebox, with the contents listed below.  There also appears to be some large object trying to get out of the included sealed box…

  • including five game boards
  • four command lines (one for each player)
  • four painted Mech miniatures
  • ability and damage decks
  • sand timer
  • bomb-like power source miniature
  • 6 metal trackers
  • 4 acrylic shards
  • 4 dice, and 100 minion miniatures
  • Mysterious sealed box

Available exclusively on the Riot Games merch store, Mechs vs Minions is a must for board game and League of Legends fans alike!