Mario is running onto your iPhone with Super Mario Run

Posted on September 9, 2016

To all those who said that Nintendo was behind the times, you’re going to have to eat your words. That’s because Nintendo are bringing their much loved, high-jumping, Italian plumber to iPhones and iPads in December, this year. As we all know, the mobile market is a brand new medium for videological gaming, which means Nintendo is once again on the cutting edge. They have even created their own genre of game just for this brand new platform which I will dub – “the endless runner”.

All jokes aside, Super Mario Run may well end up being a bit of additional fun for when I’m stuck on public transport or too busy doing the dolphin-hand out of the passenger side window to play something that requires both of my upper limbs.

The game is said to arrive “first on IOS”. This presumably means that an Android version will be on its way too, but so far we don’t know. What we do know is that the game will have a set price with no further payments to be made. Super Mario Run will also feature a multiplayer competition mode called Toad Rally that will allow you and your friends to battle for high-scores.