Opening ~50 minutes of ReCore revealed

Posted on September 8, 2016

ReCore is a title that has gone through a few ups and downs within its development cycle. Revealed originally on Microsoft’s 2015 E3 stage, the game has since been under heavy scrituniy and the watchful eyes of passionate gamers hoping for another amazing game. Now, with less than a week to go before release, the game’s opening 50 minutes have been revealed in all of its mechanical glory with developer commentary to boot!

Check out the Twitch video below, however you will probably want to skip to around the 10 minute mark to get to the juicy gameplay.

The video unveils a few of the gameplay pillars for ReCore. We can see the movement system in full swing with protagonist, Joule Adams dashing and double-jumping her way through platforming segments and into battle. We can see how power core’s come into play with Joule removing them from her enemies and infusing them into her robotic pals. We are also introduced to the game’s lock-on third person shooting combat, the combo system and the colour-matching ammo system that allows Joule to inflict some serious damage.

Also revealed through developer commentary is the alternative colour-matching system for our colour blind friends and the semi-open world where the game takes place. ReCore will also inhabit the Metroidvania style of game where unlocking upgrades and having access to new abilities means that you can backtrack to previous locations and reach areas that weren’t previously accessible.

The game is looking really solid and I personally can’t wait to jump in when it releases for PC and Xbox One on September 13.