Runescape to auction banned accounts, a la Storage Wars

Posted on September 23, 2016

Can you think of a more glorious collaboration than a  15 year old, browser MMO and a deliberately cheesy, American, reality drama about storage sheds? I can’t.

Announced during Runescape‘s annual fan festival, RuneFest (yes, apparently this is a thing), was news of an upcoming game feature, inspired by the TV show Storage Wars. The new feature gives players a glimpse into the value of a banned players in-game bank account before opening the doors to an all in auction. ‘Bank Bidders’ will allow some players to walk away smiling with amazing and lucky finds while others walk away empty handed.

image from upcoming feature, bank bidders - runescape

This may not be enough to get me to blow off the metaphorical cobwebs and log back into my 10+ year old Runescape account. Although it does fill me with an odd amount of joy picturing Storage Wars’ particular style of forced drama entering into Runescape.