A Yooka Laylee / Shovel Knight cross-over?

Posted on September 26, 2016

A new Yooka Laylee trailer has emerged this morning from the Playtonic Games studio which outlines the NPC’s that the buddy-duo will stumble across. Many of the characters had been previously revealed before but one new face to the roster was a surprise appearance from Shovel Knight.

No stranger to the platforming genre, Shovel Knight was the star of his very own self-titled 2D platformer in 2014, which (similarly to Yooka Laylee) took heavy inspiration from games of the past.

Also revealed in the trailer includes:

  • Capital B
  • Trowzer
  • Dr. Quack
  • Rextro
  • Dr. Puzz
  • Blasto
  • Kartos
  • And a handful of (so far) unnamed colourful characters

Could this be the nostalgia fuelled cross-over we have all been craving? Or are we just secretly dissapointed that it wasn’t Banjo Kazooie appearing in the trailer?