The Alolan Starters are here and so is a friend from the past…

Posted on October 30, 2016

With less than a month before we get our hands on Pokémon Sun and Moon, we’re now getting down to the wire and things are getting more interesting with each new announcement. This time Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International have announced not only the final evolutions for our three starters Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, but also the three remaining island guardians, as well as a familiar feline with a new look. More game features have also been announced including the return of a few familiar faces.

Once again, let us begin with the new Pokémon.


The fan favourite, Rowlet, gets its final evolution with a spooky twist few saw coming; Decidueye, the Arrow Quill Pokémon. A Grass/Ghost type Pokémon, Decidueye attacks its foes with blinding speed, producing arrow quills from its wings to shoot down its intended target with deadly aim. Due in part to its ghostly nature, a Decidueye can move around whilst its opponent is unable to sense its presence, making it a worthy battle partner for trainers. Decidueye also has an exclusive move called Spirit Shackle; a ghost type move that once used prevents its intended target from fleeing or switching out.


I can’t be the only one who’s let out a sigh of relief that Litten’s final form, The Heel Pokémon Incineroar, is not another Fire/Fighting type, despite its obvious wrestler design. This Fire/Dark type Pokémon is the perfect match for those trainers who love a good fight. As Incineroar battles, the flame it produces bursts forth from its navel and waistline. The more intense the fight is, the more pronounced this champions belt like flame becomes; at which can also be used to unleash attacks from. Incineroar is able to learn an exclusive Dark type move called Darkest Lariat, an attack that physically damages an opponent all the while ignoring any stat changes its challenger may have gained in battle.


Move out of the way Ariel, there’s a new mermaid star on the rise, in the form of Popplio’s final evolution Primarina, the Soloist Pokémon. A beautiful Water/Fairy type, Primarina can produce and then manipulate several balloons of water by using the sound waves of its siren-like voice. These balloons can be used in numerous ways; either to help Primarina move about the battlefield by jumping on them and moving about or explode upon touch, thus creating a chain reaction of exploding bubbles. Like its other starter counterparts, Primarina can learn an exclusive move called Sparkling Aria, a unique move that heals the burns of any target it hits.


A new Pokémon to grace the roster is Cosmog, the Nebula Pokémon. A Psychic type Pokémon considered very rare among those who reside in Alola, as only a select few know of its existence. Named by the Aether foundation, Cosmog is a naturally curious Pokémon, whose lightweight body is easily blown away due to its gaseous composition. When exposed to solar energy Cosmog can absorb the light shone upon it to grow larger.

Alolan Persian Form

As we already saw, Meowth had a sassy Alolan makeover; so it would stand to reason that Persian would also appear with a new form to sport, and we weren’t disappointed. Keeping in tone with Meowth’s type change, Persian is purely a dark type Pokémon and its disposition is inherent of this; being a Pokémon who does not like to grow attached to its trainer. Considered to be a Pokémon of beauty, Persian’s round face and glossy coat resemble that of a Russian Blue cat, which is considered to be one of the more refined and desirable domestic cats.

Also unveiled were three remaining Alola region guardian deities—Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini:

Tapu Lele is a Psychic/Fairy type, and guardian of Akala Island. It is known to scatter glowing scales that have a restorative effect, on others – providing positive stimulation and healing illnesses and injuries. Its unique ability Psychic Surge encompasses the entire field in psychic energy, turning it into a psychic terrain. This effectively boosts the power of all psychic attacks and prevents priority moves just as quick attack and aqua jet to land successfully.

The guardian of Ula’ula Island is Tapu Bulu, a Grass/Fairy type Pokémon. It has the power to manipulate and bring life to the flora of Ula’ula, and cause it to grow. It uses this ability to also modify its wooden horns, which it adorns. Similar to Tapu Lele ability, Tapu Bulu’s ability Grass Surge turns the field into a grass terrain. This, of course, boosts the attack power of all grass Pokémon, but also heals them slightly at the end of each turn. Grass surge also has another handy side effect that halves the strength of the moves Earthquake, Magnitude and Bulldoze – effectively rendering some of most powerful ground attacks irrelevant in battle.

Tapu Fini, the Water/Fairy guardian of Poni Island is the last of the four guardians to be announced. It attacks by manipulating the water in its surroundings. Not one for being hurt during battle, Tapu Fini fights its opponents craftily by summoning a thick fog to disorient its enemy and strike at the right moment. Its ability, Misty Surge, envelops the field in mists that effectively half the damage from all dragon type moves. Misty Surge also prevents players Pokémon from being afflicted with status conditions and confusion – which is a handy ability, indeed.

It’s also been revealed that all four guardians will receive a shared Z-Move called Guardian of Alola. This move summons a huge headless entity from under the earth to pummel the opponent and deal damage equal to 75 percent of targets remaining HP.

As we all know, there’s been little to no information on whether Alola would have a Pokémon league of its own, after the apparent departure from gyms in this generation’s release. As we all know the Pokémon league is where you complete your quests by battling four powerful trainers to advance and take on the Pokémon league champion, whoever she or he was. However the trailer has dropped a hint that the Alola region is constructing one atop the peak of a certain cloud shrouded mountain. There’s a good chance that this means you will be able to take on the Elite Four and test your mettle – I’m ready to, are you?

Nostalgia at its finest

Finally, and to my very pleasant surprise if you explore Alola well, you’ll find the Battle Tree. A place where Trainers who have completed their island challenge, or who are strong enough to have done so, battle one another. You’ll be able to scout opponents you’ve won against so they can partner and fight alongside you in future battles. You may even see some familiar faces, including the Trainers Red and Blue from the Kanto region, and Cynthia from the Sinnoh Region!