Beta testers wanted for Red Barton & The Sky Pirates

Posted on October 17, 2016

Red Barton and The Sky Pirates is looking for beta testers!

Ever wanted to rule the skies in a World War I fighter plane?  More importantly perhaps, did you ever want to gain experience as a beta tester?

Created by indie developer Schism Worldwide, Red Barton and The Sky Pirates is a third-person flight shooter game inspired by the arcade classic After Burner.  In this game you play as Red Barton, a legendary WWI fighter pilot on a mission to save his love and honour through four different themed worlds.

Stay on target... or just shoot everything!

The hand-drawn graphics reflect a fun and inviting cartoon-steampunk style, and features of the game including vehicle and weapon customisation.  As a beta tester you can help to ensure the gameplay is both fun and challenging for future players.

Despite an unsuccessful Kickstarter bid, Red Barton and The Sky Pirates has been ‘greenlit’ through Steam Greenlight and will be made available for iOS, Mac and PC.

Interesting in controlling the skies and in doing so help an emerging indie title?  Email [email protected] to register your interest.