Burgers not brains

Posted on October 6, 2016

There’s a zombie hoard about to attack your beloved food truck, but you have a weapon in Dead Hungry that can save your life and their souls… burgers!

In this VR game, currently premiering at Oculus Connect 3 (October 5 – 7 in San Jose, USA), you are required to make a variety of fast food snacks including burgers, fries, pizzas and sodas to serve (i.e. throw) at approaching undead to turn them back to their original form.

In your culinary creations made for undead tastebuds, you are awarded for originality but penalised for failing “minimum flavour requirements” or taking too long.  Well, because zombies do not like waiting in queues.

The undead are Dead Hungry... for burgers! (or brains maybe)

For those of you lucky enough to be living in (or planning a trip to) Kyoto, Japan, you can visit the restaurant 58 DINER to receive your own “58 DINER x Dead Hungry” burger!  Hold the fire extinguisher, extra light bulbs please.

Move over Paleo diets

Dead Hungry was developed by Kyoto-based company PixelJunk and started off as a project during an internal game jam at Q-Games.

Feeling Dead Hungry?  Check out the hilarious and hectic action in this teaser trailer: