Destiny 2 coming to PC & consoles, rumours suggest

Posted on October 1, 2016

It has been revealed through leaks and sources from both NeoGAF and Kotaku that an upcoming Destiny sequel will be arriving on PC alongside PS4 and Xbox One. The original Destiny game was a console exclusive, so this news, if it can be believed, is very welcoming to those of us who game on PC.

Destiny 2 is currently expected to be a 2017 release, although nothing has been officially revealed from Bungie. A recent Kotaku article, which claims to have multiple credible sources, states that Destiny 2 will be a fresh slate and “aims to feel like a totally new game.” This means that old characters, old worlds and activities may all be left behind. Starting fresh will give Bungie the opportunity to start anew and change the game from the base up, but we will have to wait to hear from Bungie for more specifics.

Art for Destiny

Without the limitations of the previous generation of console, Destiny 2 may well shape up to be a much more in depth MMO experience. All we need now is some official word on the project rather than relying on rumours and leaks.